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Dear McPhail Family,

As all of you know many changes have been going on around the world to try and protect as many people from the COVID-19 virus.  We at McPhail Animal Hospital want to do our best in helping tp protect all of our clients as well.   With that being said we have implemented a few safety precautions and procedures for the time being .  This is strictly for you and our staff's health and safety.

1.  We are asking all appointments to please call from your vehicle when you arrive to let us know what you are in the parking lt.  The receptionist and /or technician will promptly come out to receive your pet with one of our leashes and bring them into the clinic for their visit.  We ask that you please stay in your vehicle and not enter the building.  After the visit one of our Doctors will either come to talk to you personally or may call you on your phone to go over your visit.   At this time also our receptionist will come out for payment or you may cll and pay over the phone.   A technician will return your pet to you with any medication that may be going home.

**NOTE... if you have a cat please make sure your kitty is in a carrier.   The same procedure will be in place and the carrier will be disinfected before and after the exam**

2.  If you are dropping off for grooming,  please call once you are tin the parking lot and the receptionist or groomer will come out to meet you with one of our leashes or pick up your carrier and bring them in the office.  We ask that you stay in your vehicle.   When you are here to pick up, call and make payment and we will bring your pet out to your car.

3.  If you are picking up medicine or food, we ask that you please call ahead.  We can accept payment at that time or you may pay upon arrival    Once you are in the parking lot please give us a call and we will bring you your items.

We do truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone!!   We are trying to remain open for our patients and help to keep our clients safe and healthy at the same time.   If you have any questions  please don't hesitate to call!!    864-288-7618